Craig David has addressed rumours surrounding his sexuality

Craig David has addressed persistent rumours about his sexuality.

In an interview with the Guardian the musician addressed rumours surrounding his sexuality which resurfaced following an article by Noisy.

The Noisy article referred to rumours about his confused sexuality, but he’s clearly very comfortable with his sexual identity. The artist explained that despite the fact he isn’t gay, he doesn’t understand why people get defensive over the topic.

“I sort of find it weird when people get very “No! I’m not gay” I mean, are you homophobic in some way?”

“So I’ve always been relaxed when people are not quite sure about me, but knowing myself i’m heterosexual and it’s cool.”

“Back in the day there were different girls and it was fun but I was brought up with basic morals. So I couldn’t even do the thing you’re supposed to do with a one-night stand and be all ‘ok, your taxi’s here!’ – my mum would kill me!”

“So by the virtue of me trying to be the nice guy, the girls would catch feelings.”

“That was such a wrong place to be. Also it doesn’t work, chasing the dream, messing around with loads of girls, burning the candle at both ends.”

The garage artist addressed the rumours 10 years ago and blamed his lack of luck with the opposite sex. He explained that rumours started about his sexual orientation after he deliberately kept away from fans because of their age and experience.

The star said: “Those rumours started back when we were playing Re-Rewind in the clubs. All these women in the audience were interested in me, but I was having none of it. Why? Well, you know, I was 17, still relatively inexperienced, sexually speaking, and these women were – what 24, 25. They terrified me.”

The singer recently released a new album, Following My Intuition.