Your favourite naked calendar with Orthodox priests is back for 2017 (PHOTOS)

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The Orthodox Calendar, an annual reminder that priests can be naked… and muscular too, has been unveiled yet again.

The steamy calendar, which features nude and semi-nude photographs of members of the Orthodox Church, challenges perceptions of the denomination, as well as some of the anti-LGBT viewpoints from within.


Organised by a group in Romania, this year’s calendar is called ‘P.I.L.F.’, or “Priests I’d like to f**k”.

A release takes aim at the church even more, criticising it for corruption and wasting money which could be used to help the poor.


It reads: “Increasingly driven by profit and greed, concerned only with perpetuating itself for its own benefit, the Church has lost its way. It has morphed into a very different beast, and it has failed its people. These are the times of the blind leading the blind.


“In Eastern Europe, a new church is being built every three days. The world’s largest Orthodox cathedral is currently under construction, with an original price tag of €500 million expected to rise. How many children would that money feed? How many desperate souls could find solace in shelters built around the region instead? How many newly built schools would spawn the leaders of tomorrow?”


It goes on to say that in protest, “the hottest Orthodox priests take off their Holy Vestments in the 2017 edition of the Orthodox Calendar.”

A selection of images for the calendar have been released, as well as a promo video featuring behind the scenes footage.


The calendar is available to buy here, alongside an expanded range including fragrances, underwear and DVDs.

Beware, the below video is a little NSFW