Ruth Davidson wants to step up to Strictly Come Dancing

The Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has revealed she wants to take part in Strictly Come Dancing.

The 37-year-old, who got engaged earlier this year, was speaking on the final day of the Tory Party conference yesterday.

In an interview with Sky News, the Edinburgh Central MSP said she wanted to follow in the footsteps of former Labour Shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls, who is currently taking part in the show.

Revealing she was jealous of the ex-MPs efforts, she said: “I want a bit of that action.

“Ed is doing a tremendous job…so if anybody from the BBC is watching, sign me up for next year because he’s making it look brilliant.”

Earlier in the day, the Scottish Tory leader told conference the party was “out and proud” north of the border.

She added the party was picking up support across Scotland and wasn’t “hiding any more”.

Last month, Ms Davidson became the centre of a scandal after being called a “dyke” at an event marking the anniversary of the independence vote in Glasgow.

Attended by a number of prominent SNP politicians, the remarks drew criticism from a number of groups who described it as “offensive”.