Hillary Clinton just compared Donald Trump to Regina George

Donald Trump has been dubbed the Regina George of politics, after a Hillary Clinton ad contrasted him with the Mean Girls character.

The former Secretary of State released a clip this week accusing Trump of being a bully, contrasting his conduct to a number of fictional villains.

It features clips of Trump’s outbursts, referring to women as “fat ugly pigs” and mocking a disabled reporter.

It also contrasted a clip of the Republican billionaire exclaiming “how stupid are the people of the country?” with Mean Girls character Regina George, screaming “You’re so stupid!”

It’s not the first time the comparison has been made.

In a hilarious video edit earlier this year, the billionaire was edited into Mean Girls – coming head to head with the blonde tyrant who rules her school in a way Trump could soon rule a whole country.

Despite his obvious ego, Trump proves no match for George, who repeatedly tells her high school rival to ‘shut up’.

Other highlights see the controversial businessman fall into a trash can, join the girls on stage… and get hit by a school bus.