Pastor predicts that paedophilia will be renamed ‘happy’ and made legal

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A pastor has prophesied that paedophilia will soon be renamed ‘happy’ and legalised.

Rick Scarborough of Vision America made the claim while preaching at Trinity Family Church in Forney, Texas

In the sermon, Scarborough picked apart the use of the term ‘gay’, which originally meant joyful and carefree – insisting on referring to same-sex couples as “sodomites”.

According to Right Wing Watch, he fumed: “What’s next? Paedophilia?

“When we called homosexuality, instead of sodomy, ‘gay,’ it changed everything because everyone wants to be gay. So let’s just change paedophilia to ‘happy’ and we’ll have all kinds of leagues of happy people and we’ll have the lobby for happy people.

“Who wants to keep somebody from being happy? I don’t know how long we’ve got, but I intend to fight this.”

He insisted: “[The courts have said] the heck with God, we’re going to let men who have sex with men get married and let them adopt children, and since they can’t have babies, they can just adopt yours and recruit them into the movement.”

The pastor continued: “If it keeps going in the direction it’s going, what I’m doing will become illegal.

“And when it becomes illegal, I’ll break the law. Some things you do whether it’s legal or not because it’s right, folks.

“Every pastor in America is going to have to make a decision soon about what he’s going to do when he’s demanded to conduct a gay wedding.”

Rick, you can have our assurance – no self-respecting homosexual wants you anyone near their damn wedding.

The good pastor previously promised to set himself on fire if the Supreme Court ruled in favour of equal marriage.

After the court did exactly that, he let everyone down by insisting it was a lame-ass metaphor or something.