Prime Minister: I’m proud of David Cameron making equal marriage a reality

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Prime Minister Theresa May has praised her predecessor David Cameron, as he accepts the PinkNews Ally Award.

Mr Cameron, who left office following the EU referendum earlier this year, was honoured at the PinkNews Awards this evening in recognition of his work to transform both the Conservative Party and the country on LGBT rights.

In her address to the awards, the PM said: “I am particularly delighted that the man who made equal marriage a reality, David Cameron, is being awarded Ally of the Year.”

She said: “It has been an incredible year for Britain’s LGBT+ community. A year in which our Olympians, like Kate and Helen Richardson-Walsh, made history in Rio. Musicians, like Sam Smith, achieved the world’s top-selling albums.

“And more and more couples were able to marry the person they love, regardless of their sexuality. They have demonstrated that this can be a country that works for everyone, where no matter who you are and who you love, you can achieve your dreams. But when it comes to achieving real equality we have a long way to go.

“There is still too much hatred. There is still too much discrimination. And tragically, there is still too much violence. And we see its effects right across the world. On June the 12th, 49 innocent people in Orlando’s Pulse nightclub were murdered, and many more were injured.

“It was an utterly evil act of terror and homophobic hatred. But I believe we have the power to conquer this hatred, with the sort of unity and determination we have seen in the past year.

“I think of the outpouring of support in the wake of that attack, with vigils held from Brighton to Birmingham, and I think of all that is being done to crack down on homophobic, biphobic and transphobic hate crime here at home. Because we will never be a country that works for everyone until this scourge is eradicated.
Prime Minister: I’m proud of David Cameron making equal marriage a reality
“Today we honour the politicians, journalists, public sector staff and volunteers who are doing so much to achieve that goal.

“I want to thank PinkNews, not only for recognising these people’s contribution, but for the fundamental role you play in furthering the cause of equality as the most read and watched LGBT media in the UK, America, Australia and beyond.

“Tonight I hope everyone reflects on their part in the progress that has been made, focuses on what is left to do and has a wonderful evening.”

The PinkNews Awards is headlined sponsored by Lloyds Banking Group.

Prime Minister: I’m proud of David Cameron making equal marriage a reality