Victoria Derbyshire and Good Morning Britain pick up PinkNews Awards

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Good Morning Britain and The Victoria Derbyshire Show picked up joint gongs at the PinkNews Awards last night.

The PinkNews Awards celebrate the contributions of politicians, businesses and community groups towards what has been another historic year for LGBT equality in the UK and around the world.

Guests attended the event at Speaker’s House in Parliament and One Great George Street, where a number of high-profile figures received awards.

The joint winners of the Broadcast Award were Good Morning Britain and The Victoria Derbyshire Show, winning out over nominees LBC, Boy Meets Girl and Gay Bombay.

Both shows have dedicated extensive time to coverage of LGBT issues, from the Victoria Derbyshire Show’s sensitive coverage of transgender children to Good Morning Britain’s extensive segments on equality.

Victoria Derbyshire and Good Morning Britain Presenter Susana Reid jointly collected their awards.

Susana Reid said: “It’s an enormous privilege to receive this. I felt a bit emotional when we were nominated, I feel overwhelmed now, especially as I’m in such fantastic company.

“I think all of the nominees do equally important work and we all acknowledge our enormous responsibility when it comes to reporting and telling these stories – our coverage of the Orlando shootings, interviews with people who are having the courage to come out on air or telling their stories for the first time, whether it’s our challenging interviews with people who might still oppose gay adoption or gay marriage.”

She quipped: “I know that Piers Morgan is disappointed not to be with you tonight… I don’t know how disappointed you are that he’s not here tonight.

“He’s always complaining that for every award he has to beat off Ant and Dec to win, so he’ll be very thrilled to now be known as a gay rights advocate, and we’ll wear that title with Pride.”

Responding to the claim he has to “beat off Ant and Dec”, Piers Morgan joked: “More precisely I usually lose to Ant and Dec.”

Victoria Derbyshire said: “Thank you to PinkNews and PinkNews readers. It’s a real privilege to win an award like this.

“We are still a very young programme, we only launched in April last year, and I hope we have managed to create a trusted environment for people to talk about some really important stuff. Thank you very much.”

The PinkNews Awards is headlined sponsored by Lloyds Banking Group.

Victoria Derbyshire and Good Morning Britain pick up PinkNews Awards