Chelsea Clinton: ‘We have to prove that love trumps hate’

Chelsea Clinton made a passionate speech to LGBT voters this Saturday in Charlotte, North Carolina.

She was on the election campaign with her mother, Democrat runner Hillary Clinton when she spoke to encourage voters on behalf of her mother.

More than 200 people gathered in the venue in downtown Charlotte at the Human Rights Campaign and Equality North Carolina event.

“In my heart, this is the most consequential election of my lifetime,” she said.

During her speech she made a case for voting in local elections as well as the presidential election.

“I’m constantly talking to people across our country about how important it is to vote up and down the ballot, and you understand that probably more than anyone else does at this moment in time.

“So thank you for what you’re doing to make the case about why this election is the most important of our lifetime, while also recognising that all elections really matter.”

Clinton recounted stories to the audience, including that of a woman from Guatemala who she recently met in Pennsylvania. The woman said her son’s middle school classmates told him to “go back to Mexico” and they “can’t wait until we build a wall to keep people like you out.”

She also spoke of a 8-year-old girl with a gay father who told her “the boys in my school say my dad’s going to have to go back into the closet” if Donald Trump is elected.

Clinton said the girl told her there are monsters in the closet.

“We have to prove that love trumps hate is not just a statement,” she said.

Chelsea urged people to vote November 8th, and thanked “all of you who have already voted for my mom.”