Whoopi Goldberg warns LGBTQ+ people will ‘disappear’ if Trump re-elected

Donald Trump stands behind a podium reading "Trump"

Whoopi Goldberg has expressed concerns that electing Donald Trump as president for a second time would see “gay folks” and journalists “disappear”.

The actress was speaking to her The View co-hosts about this year’s US presidential election and how young voters feel about Joe Biden as a Democratic candidate when she shared her chilling prediction.

During Tuesday’s episode (9 January), some of Goldberg’s co-hosts commented that young voters might not vote for Biden – or possibly not vote at all – as an act of protest against America’s support of Israel in its ongoing conflict with Palestine.

President Donald Trump, who has been taken off the Colorado primary ballot after a ruling by the state's supreme court, wears a suit and tie while scrunching his face and gesturing with both hands
Donald Trump is running for re-election in 2024. (Getty)

The Ghost actress seized the opportunity to plead with viewers at home to get out and vote not matter what, in order to keep Donald Trump from being re-elected.

“I’m here to say, it is ours to lose. This is what it’s all about. Either you want it to work forward-thinking, you want everybody to have the ability to say how they feel, what they want, to move forward, or you don’t,” she warned.

“Or do you want somebody who says, ‘I’m going to be, on day one, I’m going to be a dictator’? Who says it to you, tells you,’I’m going to put you people away. I’m going to take all the journalists, I’m going to take all the gay folks, and I’ll move you all around and disappear you.’

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“’If that’s the country you want, you know who to vote for. If that’s not the country you want, you have to make a decision.”

Goldberg’s comment was met with a round of applause from the studio audience.

Elsewhere in the chat show, Goldberg issued a separate warning to be cautious when listening to “the media”, who she suggested might be underplaying President Biden’s popularity among young voters, Fox News reports.

Whoopi Goldberg has warned voters to choose wisely during this year’s presidential election. (Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images)

Urging voters to think freely ahead of the election, she pleaded: “Beware the media. That voting bloc has lots of issues that they want addressed, they do, and they have every right to demand that from whoever the candidate is gonna be.

“But I will say this until it’s time to go vote, beware the media telling us what we’re doing. Only you know what you’re doing. 

“You know what’s upsetting you, and you will discuss it when you go and make your vote. Now, there are lots of things that we all wish that the candidates would talk about, whether it’s on the left or on the right. We wish they would talk about what mattered to us.”

Disgraced former president Donald Trump is hoping to win back the White House in this year’s presidential election.

So far, Trump has already pledged to defund schools that teach “transgender insanity” and critical race theory, and to ban gender-affirming care for trans people of “any age” across the US, if he is re-elected.

Although Trump is far ahead of his rivals in the Republican primaries race, it won’t be a smooth campaign for him, after being barred from running in the state of Colorado due to his involvement in inciting the 6 January Capitol riot in 2021.

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