This hilarious gender-neutral bathroom sign puts hygiene first

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

This school’s new bathroom sign is causing amusement for it’s students!

A Canadian high-school’s new gender-neutral bathroom sign has proven a hit with students.

This hilarious gender-neutral bathroom sign puts hygiene first

A large blue sticker has been placed on the door of the school’s bathroom with an image of a person wearing both trousers and a dress standing next to a person in a wheelchair.

The sign simply reads: “Whatever. Just wash your hands.”

The idea for the sign came was the brainchild of some of Samuel Robertson Technical Secondary School’s students.

Although some schools in the Vancouver district already have similar signs and gender-neutral toilets, the students said they often went unnoticed.

“We needed to promote that it was there,” says Aaron – a member of the school’s gay-straight alliance group, who asked that his surname not be revealed as he is still coming out as trans to those that know him.

The 16-year-old says the school’s art teacher came up with the design, taking inspiration from similar signs on the Internet – like these ones.

Different gender-neutral signs have been popping up on bathrooms around the world in response to transgender rights.

Aaron says the new sign addresses an important issue – promoting trans and gender rights – but does so with humour.

And it seems to be having the desired effect on his fellow students.

“They’re like, ‘Oh my gosh. That’s so cool!’ Like they’re so proud of our school for being able to come that far.”

The sign has also been shared on various social media outlets, Aaron added.

He says the sign is also reminding people of an equally important issue – personal hygiene – but that he needs no reminder.

“I always wash my hands,” Aaron says with a laugh.

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