Hillary Clinton’s husband overshadows her big voting moment with figure-hugging blue suit

Hillary Clinton’s history-making moment of being the first female major party candidate to vote for herself was overshadowed by her husband’s figure-hugging blue suit.

The Democratic Presidential nominee appeared alongside her husband Bill, who stole the show with a two-button suit (one button fastened) and complementing blue tie.

Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Casts Her Vote On Election Day

While some were excited to be present for the historical moment a woman was able to vote for herself as a candidate for one of the two major US political parties, most eyes were on Bill, as he slinked up to the booth in Chappaqua, New York, to cast his vote.

Hopeful to be the First Gentleman of the United States (FGOTUS), Bill offset his navy suit with a lighter blue tie, and subtly carried off a ‘Vote HIllary’ badge on his lapel.

He finished the look with a classy grey trouser to accentuate his legs ‘up to here’, and with a pair of black brogues.

Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Casts Her Vote On Election Day

Natually many took to social media to speculate about what Bill would be wearing as he makes his appearance on the eve of what he hopes to be the last as a regular citizen, and his ticket into the White House.

One even looked forward, asking whether he would donate his suit to the Smithsonian Museum, as has been tradition by First Ladies who have come before him, should Mrs Clinton be successful in her Presidential bid.



The Democratic Presidential nominee hopes to become the first woman to be elected as the USA’s Commander in Chief after Tuesday’s election.

She looked pretty excited in photos from the ballot box, but was probably most excited to have the silver fox Bill at her side casting her ballot.

In the final run-up to the US presidential election Clinton reached out to LGBT voters, vowing to be an ally if she wins the election.

Clinton hopes to become the first female president in history as she runs against Republican Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton has unveiled a plan to stamp out bullying and discrimination in schools this week.The ‘Better than Bullying’ plan involves more than $500 million in new funding to help address develop comprehensive plans to address bullying.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump was hit with a homophobic discrimination lawsuit by a former employee at the end of last month.

Ahead of next week’s election, PinkNews took a look at the specific policy agenda set out by each Presidential ticket, and what it actually means for the LGBT community.