Russell Brand announces birth of first baby after saying they won’t have gender ‘imposed’ on them

Comedian Russell Brand has announced that he has welcomed his first child into the world, after saying he would not “impose” gender on the baby.

Performing at the Nottingham Playhouse on Sunday, Brand made the surprise announcement that he and his fiancée Laura Gallacher had welcomed their first baby.

Audience member Daniel Crann told The Mirror: “He didn’t confirm if it was a girl or a boy.”

He added: “He was conscious of the clock and made sure he was off stage by just approaching 9pm as he ‘needed to get down the M21 as my girlfriend has just had a baby’.”


Speaking on the Jonathan Ross show, Russell Brand previously revealed that he had no intention of ‘imposing’ gender on his child.

The comedian is expecting his first child with girlfriend Laura Gallagher, but the couple don’t know the gender yet – and that’s just fine with them.

Russell Brand announces birth of first baby after saying they won’t have gender ‘imposed’ on them

“Let the child grow up and be whatever the hell it is, never tell it there is such a concept,” brand said.

He added: “We don’t know the gender, I may not even ever impose gender upon it.”

The 41-year-old and his partner are considering calling their firstborn ‘Jesus Three’.

Brand has been mentally preparing for the arrival of their child, as well as hitting the books.

“I read a different book every week and I read one on preparation for fatherhood to mentally prepare me for it,”

“I don’t know that it has prepared me for it. I’ve painted the room, I’ve done the things that you’re supposed to do, I’ve accepted the idea that that person will be more important than me.”

News of the pregnancy came in May when a friend of the couple told The Sun that they were excited for their new arrival.

“It feels like a new chapter in their lives and the couple are enjoying every moment, including discussing baby names,” the source said.

The star acknowledged his former raunchy relationships, but confirmed that he is beginning to settle down and warm to a life of monogamy with Gallacher.

“I am enjoying monogamy because there is a baby coming, one of them sperm finally made it, after I’d released so many, so abundantly, indiscriminate.”

“Who knows who could have been born, which geniuses have been squandered.”

In the past he also revealed that he had performed a sex act on a man in a public toilet, and suggested that he only identifies as straight because of the environment he grew up in.