Wentworth Miller hits back at follower who said he’s not ‘a real man’

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Prison Break star Wentworth Miller has hit back at a follower on Twitter who called him a “little bitch” and said he is not “a real man”.

The troll responded to Miller when he posted an article titled ‘4 Ways Sexist, Macho Culture Hurts Men.’

“A real man on camera and nothing but a little bitch in real life,” the troll wrote.

“Normally I would just ban this person,” responded Miller.

“Their sentiments have zero nutritional value and, in my opinion, reflect an antiquated belief system that is not only harmful but on its way out.”

Adding: “That said, the attitude expressed does open the door to some interesting topics. Like gender performance, gender policing, shaming, sexuality, projection, toxic masculinity, and the lowering of public discourse.”

He later expanded on the response with a longer Facebook post about why he decided to speak out following the comments.

I’ve read some lovely comments today. There was a lot of food for thought.
I also read a lot of advice. Much of which boiled down to “It’s only words.” “Sticks and stones.” Etc.
I recognize, and appreciate, that this is coming from a positive, supportive, protective place.
If only it was true.
Words matter. Labels matter. The way in which we speak to and about each other matters. Politicians spewing hate from the podium one day translates into real world violence the next. We know this.
What’s more, IMO, “You shouldn’t let it get to you” is code for “man up.”
With respect, I consider it to be another form of gender policing.
For the record, this person’s comment was momentarily unpleasant. Then it was over.
It affected me because I’m a human being.
I feel things. Then I move through them. And one of the ways I do that is by examining the situation and looking for the gift. The gold. The lesson.
And as someone who’s been called a “little bitch” before (because #sexism #misogyny #homophobia #toxicmasculinity), this felt like an opportunity for dissection and discussion. And I took it. Hence the repost.
This page will continue to be a place where words matter. If that’s of interest to you, stick around. – W.M

The star has in the past been open about having contemplated suicide and struggled with depression.

Earlier this year, he starred in the PSA for the Mighty, which shares personal stories about mental health issues, disability, and disease.

It was posted during the Suicide Prevention Week in the US.

“Each year, depression affects an estimated 15 million people in the United States and 350 million worldwide. If depression is part of your story, there is hope…don’t be afraid to take the first step. Someone cares.”

Check it out below:

Miller back in March hit out at a meme mocking him for his weight gain after leaving his most iconic role.

The actor was a huge name while starring in Prison Break, but was forced to deny gossip about his sexuality at the time.

He spent several years away from the spotlight after Prison Break ended in 2009 struggling with depression – before coming out as gay in 2013, admitting he “chose to lie” previously for the sake of his career.

If you have been affected by issues in this article, and live in the UK, call the Samaritans on 116 123. If you are a young person in the US in crisis, feeling suicidal, or in need of a safe and judgment-free place to talk, call the Trevor Lifeline now at 866-488-7386. If you are an adult in need of support in the US, please call the National Suicide Prevention Helpline on 1-800-273-8255.