Pastor: Barack Obama is not really black because he supports gay rights

The head of a black pastors’ coalition has accused Barack Obama of “spitting on the graves” of civil rights heroes by supporting LGBT equality during his term in office.

Rev William Owens, head of the Coalition of African-American Pastors, made the claim at the conservative ‘Stand 4 Truth’ conference in Texas last week.

In the clip, snipped by Right Wing Watch, the pastor insists that the outgoing President is “not black” because he has supported equal marriage and transgender rights.

The pastor fumed: “Nobody but a black President could have gotten away with this. White people were afraid to be called racist, so you gave him a pass.

“Obama never was for marriage between a man and a woman, but he lied, because he saw he would lose the black Christian movement, and he needed that win, so he straight-out lied.

“He sold out, as far I’m concerned he spit on the graves of all those people who died for civil rights, he didn’t care.”

He continued:  “If we allow him to get away with this, what will happen to our children? They will be brainwashed from birth… in California today, children can go into any restroom they want to. What will happen? I’m confused.

“What has happened to our white brothers who will allow men to go in the restroom with your wife and your children?

“I don’t care about President Obama being black. He’s half-black.

“As far as I’m concerned, he’s not black because he doesn’t understand the black experience.”

“So they’re going to brainwash our children from pre-school, telling them it’s alright to feel a certain way.

“That is terrible. Do you know what that’s doing to a tender mind, to a tender child?”

The Coalition of African-American Pastors has previously admitted taking money from the anti-gay National Organisation for Marriage in order to oppose equality.

Leaks from NOM revealed that they used the CAAP as a front in an attempt to drive a wedge between liberal Democrats and Christian African-American voters.

Owens previously picked fights with genuine civil rights groups – protesting against the NAACP in 2013 when it endorsed same-sex marriage.