Safety pins have become a beautiful symbol for solidarity for many Americans

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Safety pins are being worn by American citizens across the country to show solidarity with victims of homophobic, racist and religious abuse.

The safety pins are being worn in the wake of Donald Trump’s win in the election as citizens fear an increase in hate crimes.

The symbol was used in the UK following the vote to leave the European Union as hate crimes increased.

Trump’s campaign was littered with homophobic, misogynist and racist rhetoric that offended scores of communities including Muslims, Latinos, women and the disabled.

Following his victory, an increase of cases of abuse against minorities were reported.

The safety pin represents that the wearer will protect those who are being treated with hatred.

The symbol was first used to show unity during World War 2 when the Dutch wore them under their collar to show loyalty to the queen, without being persecuted by Nazis.

Already, a gay couple in America have had their car vandalised with homophobic slurs which said “die homo” and “faggot” and believe the attack related to the outcome of the election.

Arsonists targeted two houses flying Pride flags in Rochester, New York, nearly causing a deadly blaze, while a gay man in Santa Monica, California also claims he was set upon by Trump supporters.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that at least eight trans people have died by suicide in the wake of Trump’s election victory in the US.

LGBT rights activists are alarmed that homophobes will be front-and-centre in Trump’s Presidential transition team.

VP-elect Pence, a hardline evangelical who has not supported a single LGBT reform across nearly two decades in politics and has one of the worst records on equality of any President or Vice President in recent memory.

The National Organisation for Marriage has set out its strategy for rolling back LGBT rights under the Trump administration.