11 Things You Should Never F**king Say to Bisexuals

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

There are plenty of friendly, innocuous, non-sexual things you can say to someone who’s just told you they’re bisexual.

None of the below are examples. Never say these.

1. “Maybe you’re just a bit confused.”

Nope, not confused. Bisexual.

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2. “I kissed a girl/boy once in college, but it wasn’t for me.”

That’s nice.

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3. “Greedy!”


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4. “Are you doing this for attention?”

This isn’t 2012.

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5. “Bisexuality is a myth.”

The only thing bisexuality has in common with myths is Ancient Greece.

The Ancient Greeks LOVED myths. They also loved having sex with men and women and didn’t accept binary labels. Ancient Greeks win.

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6. “So….fancy a threesome?”

OK, sometimes some people do. Just not everyone, not all of the time. Don’t ask.

Ballet Threesome

7. “You’re definitely gay, you’ve just not accepted it yet.”

Thanks for the diagnosis, Dr Closetwatcher!

John Barrowman Gay Off

8. “Are you just not that fussy?”

Yep, come one come all! Open door policy. Thanks for suggesting that.

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9. “You don’t fancy me, do you?”

Yes. You are completely irresistible. You’re actually the one that turned me into the insatiable bisexual beast I am today.

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10. “Girl bisexuals end up straight and boy bisexuals end up gay.”

We don’t end up straight or gay! We stay bisexual.

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11. “So….how about that threesome?”

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