The Spice Girls slayed this person who wanted them to show more skin

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New footage has surfaced of the Spice Girls giving someone a real run for his money after he asks them to show more “cleavage and midriffs” on the set of a commercial.

The group, despite being dressed in schoolgirl uniforms, show some girl power when asked by one of the creatives working on a 1997 Polaroid commercial to show more flesh.

Mel B storms over to the man and asks: “Was it you? Why did you ask that [we show our cleavage and midriffs]?”

“It’s every man’s fantasy,” replies the director, adding: “That’s showbiz.”

Clearly unhappy with his response, Mel B tells him to “f**k off”.

Geri Halliwell chimes in, calling him a “chauvinistic pig”, and Victoria Beckham pulls the sunglasses off his head and says: “It’s not sunny – stop trying to look cool.”

At the end of the video, Halliwell says he should “know better”, and along with Mel, refuses to shake his hand as they do with the rest of the crew.

Check out the finished advert below – note that all midriffs and cleavage are hidden away