Christian ‘charity’ might be booted from state scheme over homophobic campaigns, lack of any actual charity work

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

The anti-gay American Family Association might be booted out of a charity scheme in Connecticut – for likening homosexuality to paedophilia and waging war against gay people.

One of the largest anti-LGBT organisations in America, the AFA maintains tax-exempt charitable status, meaning taxpayers effectively subsidise its frequent anti-LGBT boycotts and homophobic witch hunts.

However, the group may be dropped from a state charity scheme in Connecticut, after concerns were flagged about its policies.

The State of Connecticut Comptroller’s Office wrote to the AFA this week related to the Connecticut State Employee Campaign for Charitable Giving, which allows state employees to donate to charities through a payroll deduction.

The letter warns: “All organisations must submit an anti-discrimination certificate each year as a condition of participating In the CSEC. However, despite certifying your compliance, there are several indications that the AFA may be violating these anti-discrimination prohibitions.

“The AFA, on its website claims that it seeks to ‘hold companies accountable’ that ‘attack traditional family values’. However, a review of AFA’s statements indicate that its so-called attempts to protect family values involve ‘combating the homosexual agenda’ by boycotting companies that promote equal treatment, tolerance and acceptance of all families and marriages.

“The AFA’s efforts have included a nationwide petition to boycott Target for the company’s inclusive transgender restroom policy, and denouncing Zales for “normalizing sin” by advertising wedding bands to same-sex couples.

“The AFA has also spoken out against gay and Muslim individuals serving in the U.S. military, and has equated homosexuality with paedophilia, disease and violence. These actions and statements are extremely troubling.”

The damning letter continues: “The AFA’s statements and mission not only appear to discriminate against the LGBTQ communities…it remains unclear what actual charitable services the AFA provides that qualifies it to participate in the CSEC.”

Noting that the AFA’s participation in the scheme will be reviewed, the letter requests that the group clarify which of its many anti-LGBT boycotts and campaigns actually qualify as charitable action.

It also requests “documentation of your organisation’s stated policy of non-discrimination… affirming that the AFA does not discriminate or permit discrimination against any person or group of persons because of the individual’s race, color, religious creed, age, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, marital status, familial status, national origin, ancestry, or disability”, and proof of compliance with laws regarding equal employment opportunity.”

Faced with having to explain why a homophobic fake charity is actually a worthy non-discriminatory cause, the AFA opted to instead throw their toys out of the pram and cry discrimination.

In a furious message to supporters encouraging them to harass the state body, AFA President Tim Wildmon claimed he was being persecuted for “Christian beliefs”, though we’re unable to find the bit in the Bible that likens gay people to paedophiles.

He fumed: “[The letter] zeroed in on our biblical beliefs about human sexuality, marriage, and family – and especially our actions to uphold those values. He specifically mentioned our ongoing and successful boycott of Target over the company’s dangerous and misguided policy allowing men in the same bathrooms and dressing rooms as women. The Connecticut official also mentioned AFA’s One Million Moms division and its recent action alert denouncing Zales for promoting homosexuality in its advertising.

“This is a state government official coming directly after your AFA, and the letter is nothing more than an attack on AFA for standing strong for Biblical principles. Moreover, it is an unconstitutional attack on the First Amendment rights of all religious organizations. The government is not allowed to dictate to religious charities what they can believe in order to participate in the public square.”

Posting links to the social media accounts of the official who sent the letter, the AFA encouraged supporters to “let them know that this abuse of power is not acceptable.”