Judge rules that Louisiana executive order protecting LGBT people is unlawful

The Louisiana governor overstepped his authority by issuing an executive order to protect LGBT+ people, a judge has ruled.

According to State District Judge Todd Hernandez, Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards overstepped his authority with an anti-discrimination order.

The Judge ruled that the order was unconstitutional as it attempted to create or expand state law.

Governor Edwards’ order banned discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

A victory was celebrated by Republican Attorney General Jeff Landry who said a lawsuit he had filed against the order aimed to uphold “the checks and balances on executive authority as established in our state constitution.”

Governor Edwards said his pro-LGBT order was meant as a symbolic gesture that Louisiana does not discriminate.

He said it did not include contractors or religious organisations.

Landry’s lawsuit argued that the order had attempted to create a class of people not protected under state law.

Judge Hernandez sided with Landry, saying the order was “an unlawful usurp of the constitutional authority vested only in the legislative branch of government.”