America’s Got Talent star with a transgender sister is performing at Trump’s inauguration

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Jackie Evancho, American’s Got Talent runner-up, is to perform the national anthem for Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Here comes the confusing part: the 16-year-old star has a transgender sister who she opened up about to People about in 2015.


Juliet Evancho came out publicly on the red carpet with her sister by her side who was performing at the Global Lyme Alliance’s inaugural gala.

People reported that Juliet said: “[My mum] was the one who was like, ‘Maybe you’re transgender’, so I did a bunch of research,I was up really late, didn’t get any sleep because I was just so immersed in all of these different stories that people told. A lot of them resonated with me, and that was when I was like, ‘I’m transgender.’ I knew deep in me that this was not me, and I needed to make the change.”

Jackie has supported her sister since the beginning, she said:“I actually cried because what worried me was that she was going to get teased. She told me she was transgender, and I was actually very happy for her because she finally found herself, and she can be who she wants to be.

“But at the same time, I was upset because I knew she would be a prettier girl than me, but that’s okay.”

She has also performed for the Pope whilst on his visit to America as well as performing at A Capitol Fourth Concert in July.

This comes after Trump’s latest appointment of Exxon Mobil’s CEO, Rex Tillerson, as secretary of state which has caused concern for LGBT rights groups.

This adds to the growing anti-LGBT cabinet Trump has been building so far.