Who is Leon Brown? Everything you need to know about the transgender Sister Wives star

Leon Brown, who is the only child of Sister Wives stars Kody and Meri Brown, came out as trans in 2022.

Sister Wives star Leon Brown is well-known among the LGBTQ+ community due to their inspiring trans journey. Here’s everything you need to know about this trailblazing reality TV star.

Leon Brown is the only child of the Sister Wives’ Kody Brown, and his first wife, Meri Brown. The American reality TV show, which has aired since 2010, follows the life of a polygamist family living in Lehi, Utah comprising of father Kody Brown, his four wives (Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn) and their 18 children. 

Leon appeared on Sister Wives, where they feuded with their half-brother Paedon. The TLC reality TV series star, who uses they/them pronouns, came out as trans in June 2022 through a social media post. 

Taking to Instagram the 28-year-old explained that they don’t have to have “s**t figured out in order for me to share myself with the world”.

They went on to share: “I’m finally ready to share my favourite self with the world, and that self is incredibly genderqueer, trans and unapologetic.”

Leon’s sibling Gwendlyn Brown explained in response to Leon’s coming out that they had always felt like “the odd one out” and had removed themself from the family unit to be around a “safer community”.

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“Leon has been, since childhood, kind of the odd one out in the family because they had no siblings from their mom to really get along with,” explained Gwendlyn, who is bisexual.

She added that Leon is transgender and queer in a family that predominantly practices the Mormon faith – a faith she described as not being traditionally kind to queer people.

Leon got married in October 2022 to Audrey Kriss, following the pair getting engaged in January 2019 at the Women’s March in Washington DC. 

The couple, who met while attending Westminster College, constantly share adorable moments from their relationship on Instagram. 

A post from April 2023 shows them smiling together and shares a few of their favourite things “sunshine, sunsets and doggos”. 

A post by Leon in May captioned “life is sweet” saw Audrey comment “let’s play in the flowers forever”.

A glimpse at Audrey’s Instagram account shows that the married couple are still very much in love.

In a post from September 2023 Leon opened up about their journey so far and how music helps them through “some of my darkest days”. 

Leon wrote that they were able to see their favourite artists Joy Oladokun and Brandi Carlile. 

They wrote: “Joy’s music has gotten me through some of my darkest days. I sobbed watching them play ‘somehow’ at red rocks. As a queer kid who was also raised in a church that taught me to hate myself, Joy’s music deeply resonates with me.” 

Leon went on to thank Joy for creating “art so life-affirming and  hope giving”, they added “your music has truly changed my life”. 

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