WATCH: This mother is helping LGBT kids experience Pride in remote schools

The mother of a gay man who took his life after years of bullying is bringing the Google #Prideforeveryone campaign to school kids in Colombia to try and combat stigmatism over sexuality in the country.

Google is working in conjunction with the Sergio Urrego foundation to bring Pride to LGBT kids in remote classrooms in Bogota.

Alba Reyes set up the foundation to combat LGBT bullying after her own son, Sergio, took his life after extensive bullying over his sexuality.

Reyes is now working with Google to bring virtual Pride parades to schools.

The initiative helps students experience Pride, which they may not encounter in real life, in the classroom.

The campaign is making use of the virtual Pride that Google created this year which includes Pride experiences from 25 countries including Tel Aviv, Brussels Sao Paolo and Sydney.

A video released by Google shows students watching the Pride parades for the first time, and their reaction is incredibly heartwarming.

Reyes explained that she was shocked to hear the extent her son was being bullied after he took his life.

“I’ve now found out that they used to take him out of class every day to go to psychotherapy and discuss his sexual orientation.

“That’s when I understood that it’s my responsibility as a mother to make sure what happened to Sergio never happens again,” she says in the video.

After watching the experience students wiped away tears.

“For a moment in time I could see, I could feel with such intensity. All that love, all that care, all of those people,” said one student.

“It’s important to show affection to anyone who’s felt neglected,” said Reyes.

“I think these types of campaigns are the ones who help create peace – peace within and peace all around.”