Tom Daley was ‘completely devastated’ he did not make the Olympic finals in solo dive

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Tom Daley has opened up about his devastation over not making the solo dive finals at Rio this year.

Appearing on Chatty Man with Alan Carr, Daley was asked about his frustration over being unable to follow up his bronze title with a solo medal.

“I think that was probably my lowest moment of all my diving career.”

The 22-year-old diver has won the bronze medal in the synchronised diving event with Dan Goodfellow, then finished first with a personal best of 571.85 in the Mens’ Olympic 10m dive preliminaries.

He missed his chance to compete for a medal in the finals when he came last in the semis the following day.

The fact the Olympics only come around once every four years played into Daley’s devastation.

He explained: “I woke up and everything just never came together and it was, obviously one of the lowest moments of my diving career.

“I trained six hours six days a week – worked every single second of the day to get that one moment.

“You have to do six dives and if you mess any single one of them up then that’s it and you’re out, you’re done and you have to wait a whole other four years. It’s one of the most intense things standing on the edge of that board,” he added.

It was the third Olympics Daley had competed in, but his failure is not standing in his way of Tokyo

“Looking back on it now, I got an Olympic bronze medal and I got another four years ahead of me where now where hopefully fourth time lucky and I’ll get that gold medal.”