Gay activist found dead after losing battle to overturn Pride nudity arrest

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A man has been found dead in an apparent suicide, after losing a legal battle over an arrest for public nudity at a Pride event.

William X Walters, 35, was arrested at the 2011 San Diego Pride festival for wearing a skimpy Gladiator loincloth outfit

He later filed a suit against the SDPD, alleging that San Diego police officers had selectively enforced the nudity law by allowing women in G-strings at a beach volleyball tournament, while targeting him for marching at Pride.

The police had imposed harsher rules for the Pride event – requiring buttocks to be “fully covered” where previously a “one-inch” strip of underwear was considered adequate.

Mr Walters lost his battle against the police department earlier this month when a jury ruled against him – landing him with a roughly $1 million bill for legal costs.

The activist was found dead on Wednesday night at his apartment, in an apparent suicide less than two weeks on from the verdict,

His time of death is not known.

Mr Walters’ attorney Chris Morris said: “Will Walters was a valiant warrior for his cause, and he will be missed by those who knew him and the community he fought for.”

San Diego LGBT activist Nicole Murray-Ramirez added: “He was a young activist and many of us thought he had a bright future in our community, and it’s a loss to our community.”