Thugs threaten to murder pregnant man

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A transgender man has been besieged with death threats after opening up about his pregnancy.

20-year-old Hayden Cross, from  Gloucester, appeared on the cover of the Sun newspaper last week.

The former Asda worker, who began transitioning to male aged 17, has decided to have a baby after finding a sperm donor on Facebook.

Mr Cross explained that he wanted to have children before hormones made it too difficult for him to conceive, after the NHS declined his request to freeze his eggs for the future.

Speaking on Lorraine, Mr Cross said that since opening up in the newspaper last week, he has relieved a barrage of abuse.

He said: “I’ve had some good reactions, but I’ve had some really bad ones.

“I’ve had death threats, I’ve had people threatening to beat me up.

“A lot of people don’t really understand the situation, and I understand that.

“I just want people to be more aware that there [are] people out there that do need help, who haven’t got anybody else to support them and need the support.”

Mr Cross explained that he has stopped taking hormones in order to have a child.

He said: “Once I’ve had the baby I’m going to wait a little while, until I’m settled and then I’m going go back into transitioning, go back onto hormones and have my surgery.”

“When the baby grows up, I’ll sit them down and talk to them so it knows. I’m not going to hide it from my kid – I want my kid to know. I hope they’re open-minded about me and accepted.”

“I’m really scared about giving birth! But if I’m going to have a biological child at the end of it, then it’s worth taking the time out and then getting straight back to my transition after.”