A powerful Austrian politician promised to legalise same-sex marriage if he is re-elected

A leading political in Austria had pledged to legalise marriage equality if he is re-elected.

Christian Kern is the current Chancellor of Austria and represents the Social Democratic Party of Austria. Kern is currently in good stead to win the election.

He announced plans to begin a “reform” in the country this week under ‘Plan A’. The plan will promote diversity by establishing equal rights for the LGBT community. The main aim under the plan is to establish same-sex marriage.

The paper, which sets out the plan, also promises a stronger economy from legalising the motion.

“Did you know marriage equality saves money? The elimination of parallel structures at the registrar’s offices, for example, to name only one aspect,” it reads.

Other discrimination laws will also be re-examined and improved.

Currently, LGBT people are protected in the workplace but in private spaces, they can still be discriminated against on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

“Someone looking to rent a flat cannot be discriminated against because of their gender or the colour if their skin,” the plan states. “But if someone doesn’t get a rental contract because of their sexual orientation, that’s not forbidden.”

Kern faces the next election in 2018 and it is unlikely equal marriage will be passed before then. Votes have been repeatedly struck down in Austrian parliament in the past.

This is in part because of the Austrian People’s Part (ÖVP), who reject the motion of equality for the LGBT community.

Kern has said the only party he would enter a coalition government with would be ÖVP, but stipulates that it would only happen if marriage equality was explicitly written into the coalition agreement.