Shop George Michael crashed into turned into a shrine

A shop George Michael famously crashed into has been transformed into a shrine by adoring fans.

Snappy Snaps, a photography chain in the UK, was smashed into by the star in 2010 while he was driving a huge Range Rover.

It’s reported the star had been high at the time of the incident, and wasn’t in control of the vehicle.

He subsequently served an eight-week prison sentence at HMP Pentonville in North London and Highpoint Prison in Suffolk.

Following his tragic death on Christmas Day, adoring fans have flocked to the shop to pay their respects.

It’s now covered with flowers and tributes to the Wham! singer.

But shop bosses aren’t happy.

“The owners think it’s bad for business but everyone else around here thinks it’s quite humorous and makes the shop a bit of a tourist attraction,” one local told The Sun.

“I guess they don’t want to be forever associated with George Michael’s arrest, however.”

They’ve even had to put a sign out asking fans to refrain from placing yet more tributes to the star around the shop.

Fans have places flowers, cards, messages and toys at the sight.

But shop staff have had to remove the items each morning in a bid to keep the store functioning.

The outpouring of tributes is continuing almost a month after he died.

A suspected heart failure killed the singer on Christmas day, where his partner, Fadi Fawaz, found him dead in bed.

Fawaz’s Twitter account has made claims that the death was suicide since he passed.

He later said the account had been hacked and the claims were untrue – something Boy George went on to dispute