Tory MP attacks trans-inclusive medical guide avoiding saying ‘mothers’ as ‘ridiculous’

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A British Medical Association (BMA) pamphlet advising staff and representatives to use the term “pregnant people”, rather than “mothers”, to be inclusive of trans and intersex people, has been called “ridiculous” by a Tory MP.

The Evening Standard reports that a new leaflet by the BMA, titled ‘A Guide to Effective Communication: Inclusive Language in the Workplace’, makes the recommendation.

Tory MP attacks trans-inclusive medical guide avoiding saying ‘mothers’ as ‘ridiculous’

The pamphlet reads: “A large majority of people that have been pregnant or have given birth identify as women.

“We can include intersex men and trans men who may get pregnant by saying ‘pregnant people’ instead of ‘expectant mothers.’”

The internal document also suggests that “gender inequality” stems from “traditional ideas about the roles of women and men.”

The pamphlet also urges the use of “assigned male or female”, to describe the gender of a person.

In other reports it is suggested that the pamphlet advises against using “Christian name”, and suggests using “family name” rather than “last name”.

Phrases like “mankind” and “manpower”, are also best avoided according to the guide.

The guide has been slammed by Philip Davies, a Tory MP who says that avoiding such terms is “completely ridiculous”.

“If you can’t call a pregnant woman an expectant mother, then what is the world coming to?” he said.

In addition to the gendered terms, it advises against using “disabled lifts”, and “older people”, and instead suggests “accessible lifts” and “the elderly.

“This is a guide for BMA staff and representatives aimed at promoting an inclusive workplace at the BMA,” a spokesperson told the Standard.

“It is not workplace guidance for doctors which is clear from the fact it does not refer to patients.”