Ruby Rose has opened up about feeling empowered by her sexuality

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Ruby Rose has opened up about her sexuality and the empowerment it has offered up to her.

The Orange is the New Black star spoke about her approach to marriage, activism and where she stands with sexuality in a revealing interview with Cosmopolitan.

Ruby Rose has opened up about feeling empowered by her sexuality

Rose, who came out as a lesbian at age 12, said that she is “confident” with her sexuality, and that she is grateful for the factor.

Rose said: “I’m very confident and in tune with my sexuality. I feel very blessed for that, because in different places around the world, people can’t be.

“I’m lucky I can explore. I have a very healthy sex life, and there’s something very empowering, strong, and feminist about being open and comfortable in that world,” she added.

Rose, who recently opened up about saving for gender reassignment surgery when she was younger, went on to explain that she will always use her platform of fame to support LGBT rights.

“There are things that I’m always going to be very vocal about, like LGBTQ and animal rights. I have a platform and I can open up a dialogue, but I also know that I’m just an actor.”

However, Rose made sure to point out that her opinion matters just as much as other people’s.

“I’m just another person with an opinion no better than anyone else’s opinion. I don’t overanalyze. I just write from the heart, post it, and hope for the best. Then I move on,” she said.

The actor, who recently got back with girlfriend Jessica Origliasso, also addressed her previous relationships and myths in the media about the number of times she has been engaged.

“According to the news, I’ve been engaged five times. For me, marriage is more about equal rights than the act of getting married. When you don’t have equal rights, it trickles down to kids who think, My aunt’s gay so she can’t get married, or I’m weird because I feel the same way.

“So it’s important to break down that barrier. I’m more interested in having a loving, healthy, long-term relationship with someone I might want to have kids with someday,” she added.