Bullies shoot 11-year-old trans girl

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An 11-year-old trans girl has been shot, according to reports.

The girl, who is named only as G, is said to have been targeted by bullies over several months.

The incident is said to have taken place at a high school in Greater Manchester.

According to the girl’s mother, she was hit on the arm by a pellet after another person shot her with a BB gun, and no serious damage was done.

The mother said: “If the pellet had gone into her face or eyes there is no telling what might have happened”.

She added: “Even though G was not physically injured, she was clearly traumatised by what happened.

“G has previously had to deal with serious bullying and when I arrived, she was just sat there, rocking, staring. It was awful.”

The mother says her daughter has been victim to a sustained period of bullying at the school.

Other pupils have allegedly written “tranny” and “freak” on her exercise books, as well as scribbling images of penises.

“A fortnight ago, a year 10 [14/15 years old] boy accosted her and said that he was going to take her into the gym and beat her up – and that he was allowed to do this ‘because she was a boy not a girl’.

“I reported this to G’s school and they investigated, but said they couldn’t do anything ‘because there are no witnesses”.

The mother, who cites media coverage of trans issues as being a reason for the bullying, has now arranged a formal meeting with the school and involved police.

Her daughter is said to have felt deeply unhappy at the school since starting there last September.

However the mother alleges that school bosses haven’t tackled the incidents sufficiently.

She said: “This is just brushing the matter under the carpet.

“What happened was premeditated, serious and involved a firearm. In any other circumstance, the perpetrator of such a crime could expect a significant prison sentence.

“But instead my daughter could be asked to ‘forgive and forget’ – and somehow that is meant to make things all OK.

“If that happens, it would be an absolutely travesty of justice.”