Hypocritical anti-LGBT campaigners attack Trump’s SCOTUS pick over his religious beliefs

Anti-LGBT campaigners who are usually the first to cry ‘religious freedom’ have attacked Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court for being the wrong kind of Christian.

President Trump has picked appeals court judge Neil Gorsuch to fill the vacant seat on the Supreme Court, citing his conservative values.

Judge Gorsuch is a strict originalist who rejects arguments that interpret the Constitution as affording protections for LGBT rights, and is likely to upset the balance between liberals and conservatives on the court.

But despite his legal opinions, he has come under fire from American Family Association activists for believing in the wrong kind of Christianity.

The anti-LGBT group hit out at Gorsuch for attending St John’s Episcopal Church in Boulder, Colorado – led by a female pastor who supports marriage equality and blesses same-sex unions.

The Mail revealed this week that the nominee attends the church, run by pastor Susan Springer, which is LGBT-inclusive and also operates an LGBT outreach center.

The AFA, which frequently uses the ‘religious freedom’ excuse to defend homophobic views, doesn’t seem so keen to extend the courtesy to Gorsuch or his pastor.

AFA radio host Bryan Fischer wrote: “Be advised: Gorsuch attends a church that is rabidly pro-gay, pro-Muslim, pro-green, and anti-Trump.”

Another activist fumed: “Gorsuch is a member of an ultra- liberal ‘church’ group. Unbelievable – not a conservative!”

Gorsuch’s nomination is strongly opposed by LGBT campaigners, who fear he will turn the tide against equality on the court.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) recently released a report detailing how Gorsuch’s narrow interpretation of the constitution has led him to rule against equality in a string of cases.


Sarah Warbelow, HRC legal director said: “Judge Gorsuch has had a troubling record on LGBTQ issues throughout his career.

“During his campaign, Donald Trump pledged to appoint a justice ‘in the mold of Antonin Scalia,’ and Gorsuch’s decisions and jurisprudence suggest he has kept that promise.

“The LGBTQ community has won important victories at the Supreme Court – from Romer to Obergefell – that affirm our rights and our liberties.

“We must ensure that those who serve on our highest court are willing to stand up for our community; Gorsuch has given us no indication that he will.”