Hundreds of people in Peru held a ‘kissathon’ for LGBT rights

Hundreds of LGBT people have flocked to the capital of Peru to stage a mass “kissathon”.

LGBT couples from across the country reportedly staged the peaceful protest as a protest to demand equal rights for same-sex couples in the country.

Hundreds of people in Peru held a ‘kissathon’ for LGBT rights

People staged the act after a call to action was put out across social media networks.

Couples that attended the protest engaged in a prolonged period of kissing, that is deemed “inappropriate” by a majority of the staunch catholic and conservative groups in the country.

“The streets of Peru are for all, regardless of sexual orientation. Therefore kisses, whether homosexual or heterosexual, should be seen as a normal behavior and not as inappropriate,” a group who helped organise the protest said.

Same-sex marriage is not legal in Peru, however a recent court case meant a step was taken towards it being recognised.

Oscar Ugarteche married his partner in Mexico and sued in Peru, his home country, and the court ruled in favour.

Crimes which are motivated by homophobia are not punished in the country because the criminal code does not recognised prejudice towards the LGBT community.

It is estimated that nine LGBT people were killed in the country last year because of sexuality or gender discrimination.

The anti-LGBT lawyer who represented Kim Davis previously shared a photo of an alleged ‘Kim Davis solidarity’ rally in Peru.

Mat Staver claimed 100,000 people turned up for the solidarity prayer in the country.

However, it later emerged that the picture was fake and portrayed a prayer meeting from the year prior.