Ecuador’s trans community vote for the first time as true gender

The trans community in Ecuador has been able to vote for the first time as their true gender.

In the socially conservative nation, men and women stand in separate queues to cast their ballots – something that has caused distress for many who were forced to queue based on their assigned gender.

Ecuador’s trans community vote for the first time as true gender

Last year, after lobbying by a number of LGBT activists, the country finally passed a law that allowed people to choose a gender on their identity cards.

“The rumours would start, and the looks,” said LGBT activist Mariasol Mite, who changed her sex from male to female.

“This year, everything was different.”

Diane Rodriguez, who was standing for the National Assembly, had campaigned for a change to the law.

She said: “This is very important because our rights are being recognised. It hasn’t been easy.”

Ms Rodriguez added that at least 200 people had changed their gender since the legislation came into force.

Hoping to become the country’s first trans politician, Ms Rodriguez said she would work on legislation to stop bullying against transgender students and eventually hopes to work on legalising same-sex marriage.

Last year, Ms Rodriguez made history with her partner Fernando Machado by becoming the first trans couple in the country to have a baby.