Missouri gets its own ‘bathroom bill’ targeting trans school kids

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Legislators in Missouri are considering introducing the state’s own ‘bathroom bill’ targeting the rights of transgender children in public schools.

The bill’s sponsor, Senator Ed Emery said the goal of the legislation would be to protect students’ privacy.

But it has been strongly contested by parents of transgender children who say that the bill will put their kids at risk of bullying.

Similar to measures already passed in North Carolina, and proposed in various other states including Texas, the Missouri bill would mean children in public schools could only use locker rooms and bathrooms corresponding to their gender at birth.

“We get in those situations, and you are inviting abuse,” Emery said.

The Associated Press reports that a 13-year-old trans girl, Samantha DeMichieli, broke down in tears telling legislators about being bullied.

“I’m not in the bathroom to do anything bad, to vandalise or to peek in the stalls,” she said. “I’m there to pee and wash my hands.”

The bill would allow “alternative” restroom access to trans kids if they are given parental permission in writing.

A similar piece of legislation in the state last year didn’t make it to a reading.

North Carolina, which at the end of December failed to repeal HB2, lost out on the All Star NBA game for 2017, lost the NCAA regional games out of the state, and performances from Bruce Springsteen and other high profile musicians cancelled North Carolina performances.