A Disney cartoon just featured same-sex kisses and nobody even noticed

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A Disney TV show featured gay kisses this week, and no one batted an eyelid.

Disney cartoon Star vs. the Forces of Evil featured the subtle moment in an episode this week as part of its third season.

In the episode, main character Star is left lovesick at a concert when her best friend Marco shares a dance and kiss with his crush Jackie instead of her.

The moment is captured in a musical number, ‘Just Friends’, in which Star is suddenly surrounded by couples during a slow song.

A number of the couples are shown enjoying a quick peck, including at least one same-sex couple who are quietly featured for a split-second.

A Disney cartoon just featured same-sex kisses and nobody even noticed

Though the scene proved controversial with the show’s teenage adult fans, it was more because they wanted Star and Marco to get together, with few of them even noticing the apparent Disney first.

One YouTube commenter wrote: “Everyone is arguing about Starco and Jacko, but I’m happy about the gay couples”.

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Another added: “Wow they showed a gay couple, looks like Disney is opening up :)”

The moment was so subtle that it even escaped the notice of America’s puritanical self-appointed TV censors, One Million Moms, but we’ll be sure to update this article with their hysterical condemnation once they realise.

(UPDATE: Yep.)

The Disney Channel allegedly maintained an unofficial ban on LGBT issues in the past – but the policy appeared to be relaxed in 2014 when a gay couple featured in kids’ sitcom ‘Good Luck Charlie’.

Two recent Disney films, Zootopia and Frozen, have featured characters that appear to be same-sex couples, though it’s not explicitly confirmed in either case.

However, the company is definitely softening its stance.

An aspiring animator recently created his own beautiful Disney-style fairytale featuring a lesbian princess… and maybe one day we’ll see the real thing.