Another trans woman has been stabbed and killed in New Orleans

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A trans woman of colour has been stabbed to death in New Orleans.

Ciara McElveen was found stabbed in the 7th ward of New Orleans by the city’s police department.

Another trans woman has been stabbed and killed in New Orleans

After she was transported to the University medical Center, McElveen died shortly after, say police.

McElveen’s death comes just two days after a transgender performer was shot dead in the city.

Chyna Gibson, who went by the stage name Chyna Doll Dupree, was shot several times outside of a shopping centre at 8.30pm on Saturday.

Gibson’s death came , just 4 days after Tiara Richmond (Keke Collier) was murdered in Chicago on Tuesday.

McElveen was originally misgendered by a press release from the New Orleans Police Department.

She was later identified as transgender by a Times-Picayune report which corrected an earlier report.

McElveen is the sixth reported transgender woman to be murdered in 2017.

A member of the trans community in the city, Syria Sinclaire told “Trans women don’t want any special privileges… We should have the right to live our lives open and free and not be taunted and traumatized by the general public if they don’t approve.”

Many posted messages on social media commiserating McElveen’s death.

This included friends and family of the woman.

It is believed that a memorial event will take place to remember McElveen on Monday in New Orleans.