This gay teacher took down anti-trans bullies perfectly

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A gay biology teacher has taken down anti-trans trolls using nothing but hard science.

American teacher Grace Pokela, who works in Nevada, responded to a transphobic meme that had been shared by people on social media.

This gay teacher took down anti-trans bullies perfectly

The meme deems trans people as have a “psychological disorder” and calls those who “enable” the “disorder” sociopaths.

When she saw the meme, Pokela decided that she would use her in-depth biology knowledge to debunk the myth about trans people.

“First of all, in a sexual species, you can have females be XX and males be X (insects)

“You can have females be females because they developed in a warm environment and males be males because they developed in a cool environment (reptiles),” the teacher explained.

Then, Poleka began to apply these theories to human anatomy.

“You can be female because you have an X and a Y chromosome but you are insensitive to androgens, and so you have a female body.

“And you can be male because you have two X chromosomes, but your heart and brain are male.

“And vice – effing – versa,” she added.

This gay teacher took down anti-trans bullies perfectly

The teacher finished the post, which has since been shared over 22,000 times, with a bang.

“Don’t use science to justify your bigotry. The world is way too weird for that sh*t.”

Talking to the Huffington Post, the 33-year-old said that those who deny science in terms of climate change but then use it to support bigotry are people she cannot tolerate.

“The fact that a group of people would deny evolution, deny global warming, and deny basic principals of ecology but then turn around and use science to support their bigotry… was something I found repellent.”