Trump tweeted about International Women’s Day. Big mistake

President Trump (or his staffers. Probably his staffers) has tweeted his apparent support for women, to mark International Women’s Day.

As many people who tweet feminist statements have experienced over the years, Trump found his replies filled with attract ugly, misogynistic comments.

The difference this time?

They were all said by Trump.

As people quickly pointed out, the president has not always had the best way of talking about women, approaching women or generally treating women.

And that was before his government’s Obamacare replacement was announced this week, which included the intent to defund Planned Parenthood and restrict abortion coverage.

In the replies, there were, of course, references to that infamous Hollywood Access tape.

But that’s not all.

Some pointed to this outdated take on why there have been so many reports of sexual assault in the military.

Some decided to instead hark back to the many different times he’s described women in horribly offensive ways.

Or, you know, treated them like objects.

And others made the point that the US’s self-proclaimed pro-women president has overseen the separation of mothers and children at the border, which literally sounds like something a supervillain would do.

All in all, this tweet sums up the reaction to Trump trying to pretend he’s not a misogynist.