Los Angeles Pride parade will double up as a protest this year

The Los Angeles Pride parade is set to be doubled up as a protest march this year.

Organisers for the event, which is due to take place on June 11th in a host of major cities across the US, have teamed up with LGBT Resist March.

While the parade will still see performances, parties and everything LGBT, a protest march will also take place.

The organisers decision to team up with LGBT resist march comes after an increasingly worrying political climate.

The event, which is ticketed at around $20, hopes to drawn in a crowd of up to 500,000 people.

While the original movement behind Pride parades are a form of protest, the events have since become more celebratory.

Organisers have said that they hope this years march will drag history to the forefront once again to remind people how far the LGBT community has come, and the importance of fighting to retain equality.

Following the presidential election, LGBT activists have warned of the fight ahead for equality.

South Dakota has already signed the first piece of anti-LGBT legislation into its law.

Trans health care faces cut backs, and those who take the HIV prevention drug PrEP fear prices will soar through the roof.

Since Trump’s inauguration, American’s have been protesting his various controversial moves.

In New York, LGBT people gathered outside the Stonewall Inn in defiance against Trump’s muslim ban, as well as a rumoured anti-LGBT executive order that was allegedly blocked by the president’s daughter, Ivanka Trump.