Fire brigade called after man suffers ‘penis strangulation’ from a ring

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A man has been hospitalised after he suffered a rare case of ‘penis strangulation’.

The unnamed man had become unstuck when a ring – commonly known as a ‘cock ring’ – began to strangle his penis.

After regular medical equipment failed to relieve the man of his penis strangulation, a fire brigade had to be called to deal with the situation.

The fire crew were called by doctors at the emergency department of the Mater University Hospital in Dublin, where the incident took place.

It’s been revealed in the Irish Medical Journal (IMJ), who says penis strangulation is a very rare condition.

According to the report, a “titanium-based ring” had become stuck on his penis.

The man required urgent treatment to avoid “organ-threatening complications” and restore blood flow.

He told doctors of feeling “pain and swelling” after putting the ring on seven hours earlier.

After medical equipment failed to remove the ring, the man was sedated before the fire brigade used a grinder to successfully remove it.

The procedure was completed within about 20 minutes.

It’s now believed his penis is “fully functioning”.

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