Man allegedly attacks and threatens to kill sexual partner after discovering she was trans

A Seattle man has been charged with a hate crime after allegedly threatening and attacking a trans woman who was his co-worker.

The woman invited Anthony Del-Toro, 23, to her flat in Columbia City in southeastern Seattle, police reports state.

After the two had engaged in sexual activity, Del-Toro discovered the woman’s bus pass, which showed a pre-transition picture of her.

The police said this made him “visibly upset,” and that despite the woman telling him to calm down, leave and let the issue go, Del-Toro became angry enough to scare the woman out of her home.

But he allegedly followed her outside, pushed her and yelled: “You know what I do to people like you?” before punching her in the face, causing blood to flow from her nose.

Police said Del-Toro threw slurs at the woman, telling her that if he had a knife, he would “cut your throat” and kill her.

The woman eventually escaped to a different part of the residential complex, but when she returned home, she found that her flat screen televisions, entertainment centre and stereo were damaged.

This reportedly amounted to $1,500 in damage, plus $20 which she believes Del-Toro stole from her flat.

Prosecutors have charged Del-Toro with malicious harassment, Washington’s hate crime law, which includes physical injury, property damage and making threats.

He has also been charged with felony harassment, which may indicate a threat to kill.

Del-Toro had not been arrested when the prosecutors announced the charges they were planning to bring against him, but they have requested a bail of $100,000 if he is detained.