Pastor claims Christians can ‘cure’ homosexuals by baking them cake

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A right-wing US pastor has claimed that Christians can bake magic cakes to cure homosexuality.

Dallas-based internet pastor Lance Wallnau made the extraordinary claim in a Periscope livestream with his followers.

Responding to a woman who is hoping to cure her son’s homosexuality, the preacher recounted a story in which evangelicals were able to convince a gay bar owner to renounce his homosexuality through the magic of cake.

Given the number of Christian bakeries who have famously refused to make cakes for gays around the world, we can’t help but wonder if they were actually doing us a favour.

According to Wallanu, cake sounds like a dangerous weapon around gay people.

He claimed: “One of the guys who used to hang out [in the gay bar] was saved and he baked a cake for the owner of the bar, who was gay and very adamantly anti-Christian.

“They prayed over the cake, it was an anointed cake.

“They made the cake and gave it as a gift.

“And when he ate the cake, the power of God hit him while he was eating the cake.

“[The baker] ends up leading the guy to the Lord and baptises him, and when he gets baptised, the spirit that was at work in him got broken off.”

Pastor claims Christians can ‘cure’ homosexuals by baking them cake

Check out the clip of his comments via Right Wing Watch

The same pastor previously led a prayer for gay internet troll Milo to undergo a conversion and become a religious leader.

He claimed “Just like [Donald] Trump was an unlikely candidate for us as a deliverer in the presidency… God hid himself in Trump, I think God is hiding himself in Milo and I’m calling him out in Jesus’ name to salvation.”

Elsewhere in ‘Merica, a prominent pastor recently claimed that he had to make sure his daughters didn’t become lesbians after they played softball.