Elton John ‘very upset’ over feud with George Michael before his death

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Sir Elton John is reportedly “very upset” about his feud with George Michael.

The two famous gay singers had a very public feud during the noughties – attacking each other in glossy magazines.

Elton tried to intervene in the Wham! singer’s life, worrying about his alleged drug habits, and it didn’t go well.

The Tiny Dancer singer’s close friend, DJ Paul Gambaccini, has now revealed Elton’s regret at sparking the feud.

Speaking to the Mirror about the fall-out in the noughties, Gambaccini, 67, said: “Elton was very upset, we exchanged emails.”

Elton had referred to George Michael’s album, Patience, as “a bit disappointing”, before saying he thought the singer was in “a strange place” during a 2004 interview with Heat magazine.

That was despite the proceeds from the album being donated to the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

He said: “George is in a strange place. There appears to be deep-rooted unhappiness in his life.

“He needs to get out more.”

This didn’t go down well at all, and Michael took to the magazine to write a direct reply the next week.

He wrote: “Elton John knows very little about George Michael and that’s a fact.

“Contrary to the public’s impression, we have spoken rarely in the last 10 years and what would probably surprise most people is that we have never discussed my private life. Ever.”

He then claimed that Elton’s group of friends were the “busiest rumour-mill in town”.

Laying into Sir Elton further, he wrote in the magazine that anything Elton thought he knew about him is “pretty much limited to the gossip he hears on the ‘gay grapevine’.”

George added: “Other than that, he knows I don’t like to tour, I smoke too much pot and my albums still have habit of going to Number One.

“If I stay at home too much, if anything it is because I am too contented right now.

“I have traveled the world many time and at 41, I think I have earned the right to quiet life, which I truly love, and maybe Elton just can’t relate to that.”

Elton John ‘very upset’ over feud with George Michael before his death

George Michael died on Christmas Day, shocking many friends and loved ones.

Now his boyfriend at the tme of death, Fadi Fawaz, says the star has already been buried.

He posted a cryptic tweet seeming to infer the funeral had already taken place.

Mr Fawaz posted a report detailing plans for George’s private funeral, writing in the caption: “9 days ago.”

Elton John ‘very upset’ over feud with George Michael before his death

It’s prompted fans to ask if the star was buried more than a week ago, as questions surrounding the burial continue to swirl.

One fan wrote in reply: “What 9 days ago? Really I don’t want to know everything… but is it about the article or funeral? I’ve been a fan for 32 years..”

Another wrote: “sir can’t u see that we r suffering? Why don’t u write clearly! Like if his loss wasn’t enough & that we have to endure all this!! [sic]”

The star was confirmed as having died from “natural causes”, despite months of tabloid speculation about drug abuse, during which time he couldn’t be buried.

According to a coroner, the singer’s death was caused by dilated cardiomyopathy with myocarditis and fatty liver.

The Careless Whisper singer’s plot was cleared of flowers and leaves several weeks ago ready for his burial.

24-hour security now has been surrounding the plot in a bid to protect it from vandals or over zealous fans.

The Daily Star reported that the cemetery has had “ramped up security” as George’s family “fear ghouls could ruin the funeral”.

His burial plot, which he bought years ago, in north London, is next to his late mother.

Michael’s beloved mother, Lesley, died exactly 20 years ago in 1997.

The star had always intended to be buried next to her, buying the burial plot ready for when the occasion came around.

A source told the Mirror: “Lesley was George’s world so it is fitting that they should now be together.”

They added: “George would always make a big deal out of Mother’s Day.

“He loved her so much and he would spend a lot of time talking to her there.

“The cemetery has a very special place in his heart.”

Since his death, dozens of people have opened up about the singer’s extraordinary generosity and anonymous philanthropy, donating millions to good causes without revealing his identity.