Trans woman in Beijing comes out at age 72

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A transgender woman in Beijing has transitioned at age 72, and says she feels like a young woman.

Xin Yue, supported by her wife, underwent gender reassignment surgery in February this year.

Trans woman in Beijing comes out at age 72

Supported by her wife and daughter, Xin went ahead with the surgery.

It is required under guidelines by China’s health authorities published in 2009, for trans people to get approval from direct relatives before transitioning.

“She even joked that later she would have two mothers,” says Xin of her daughter’s support.

“I didn’t think too much [about Xin’s decision]. All I wanted was for her to be happy,” Leng Rui, Xin’s wife, told the Southern Metropolis Daily.

Xin says she grew up with two brothers in a traditional family, but that her parents wanted a daughter and she was dressed in bright, girls’ clothes.

She was also given the nickname Erguniang, which means “second girl”.

After retiring in 2000, Xin eventually came across support online and realised that she was transgender.

Xin has a much more positive outlook after experiencing depression and seeing psychologists in an effort to “cure” her gender dysphoria.

“In the future, my wife and I can use the term ‘sister’ to call each other. We will still live together,” she says.

“My skin is still soft and white like a woman in her 20s. I feel I’m only in my 30s and I can live to 100 years old.”

Earlier this week a World War II veteran in the UK came out as transgender aged 90.