Radio host: There will be a ‘terrible penalty’ for gays if they don’t give God his rainbow back

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Bryan Fischer is still not happy that gay people are “stealing” God’s rainbow.

Anti-LGBT Christian radio host Bryan Fischer was widely mocked on Twitter earlier this week when he claimed that “LGBTs stole the rainbow from God”, urging them to “give it back”.

The activist took to his American Family Association-funded radio show this week to double down on his comments, insisting that “sexual deviants” will face a “terrible penalty” for stealing the rainbow unless they repent their sexuality and return it to God.

Fischer claimed: “He placed it in the heavens after the worldwide flood as a sign of His covenant promise to mankind to never again destroy the earth with a flood.

“So in the culture in which it originated, the rainbow is a sign of hope and assurance and a symbol of God’s grace and infinite patience.”

He continued: “With the appropriation of this symbol by the LGBT crowd, it has now become a sign, not of God’s grace and patience and hope, but a sign of sexually deviant behaviour. Now the rainbow promotes a lifestyle which God says is an abomination, contrary to nature.

“It consists of shameless acts which come at a terrible cost to those who engage in them… they receive in themselves a due penalty of their error.

“That’s why we take a firm stand against endorsing homosexual behaviour, because there is a terrible penalty that this lifestyle exacts.

“We don’t want to see anybody suffer those outcomes, so we seek to warn people about what will happen.

“What once was universally regarded as a symbol of God’s providential care has become universally regarded as a symbol of sexual debauchery.

“It belongs to Him. He said so Himself. If somebody else has it and is prostituting it, he stole it from its rightful owner, which sounds like cultural appropriation to me.”

Radio host: There will be a ‘terrible penalty’ for gays if they don’t give God his rainbow back

In the past, Fischer has said gay people are “literally” Nazi stormtroopers, compared homosexuality to necrophilia, and blamed gay people for the Holocaust and floods in Texas.

Commenting on the Boy Scouts of America’s decision to allow gay youth members, Fischer said that the organisation should be renamed the “Boy Sodomisers of America”.

He also suggested that drowning to death would be preferable to accepting gay people.