Dove advert features trans mother in same-sex relationship

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A new advert by Dove about parenting features a trans mother and her female partner.

The campaign, called #RealMoms, encourages mothers to channel their unique personalities into how they raise their child.

The company explained that it wants to show “diverse parenting styles” which “shatter stereotypes about motherhood, and prove that there are no rules about how to be a parent today”.

One mother, a trans woman called Shea raising her child with her female partner, says: “We are both his biological parents.

Dove advert features trans mother in same-sex relationship

“You get people who are like, ‘What do you mean, you’re the mum?’

“We’re like, “Yep, we’re both going to be mums.”

Shea, a grad student, adds while playing with her baby that “there’s no one right way to do it all.”

A happily single mother, rock climbing mother and dancing mother all talk about how it’s important to “trust yourself” and “be the best version of yourself,” even if that person is unconventional.

As Dove says, “mums are redefining that it means to be a ‘good mum’”.

Last month, Vicks – the vapour rub company – told the story of trans mother Gauri Sawant, who adopted her daughter Gayatri 10 years ago.

In a tear-jerking monologue, Gayatri tells the audience how much she loves Sawant, and how she wants to become a lawyer “for my mum,” so she can achieve full equality for her.

Also earlier this year, The Bank of Australia and New Zealand released a heartwarming advert which encouraged same-sex couples to keep holding hands, even when facing prejudice.

And of course, Sainsbury’s has included gay couples in two consecutive Christmas ads, with a spokesperson explaining that the supermarket chain wanted to “reflect a modern Britain and a diverse Britain.”

Watch the full Dove video below: