Proud mum of trans son gives masterclass in loving unconditionally


The mother of a trans son has shown the world exactly what unconditional love looks like with a heartwarming video that’ll bring you to tears.

The video, originally shared on TikTok, shows mum Tamra Moon helping her young son Jesse dye his hair bright blue.

As she does so she shares how Jesse first came out as trans, explaining in a gentle, softly-spoken voice how she had no hesitation in accepting who he was.

“The first thing I said to you was: ‘Hey! I know you!'” she begins. “I carried you for nine months. I laboured with you for 22 hours. And so, yeah, I thought I knew you.

“And as you got older, you became more ‘you’ than you ever were before. And the more you became, the more I was honoured to find out the ‘you’ you were becoming. The ‘you’ you always were.”

She continues: “So when you told me: ‘Mom, my name is Jesse,’ I said: ‘OK, hello Jesse.’ And when you told me: ‘Mom, I’m a boy,’ I said: ‘OK, hello my son’.

“And when you told me you wanted blue hair: I said ‘OK, hello blue hair!'” she laughs.

The touching video ends with Tamra pulling her now-blue-haired son into a warm hug, telling him: “Thank you for trusting me enough to tell me who you are. We love who you are.”

Outstanding mum sets the standard for trans parenting

Tamra Moon’s words quickly spread beyond TikTok, with one Twitter user tweeting: “This is how easy it is to love your child unconditionally.”

The comments were soon flooded with appreciation for the loving and accepting mother.

“Both you and Jesse are so lucky to have each other!” wrote one. “I know that little boy is going to grow up being comfortable no matter what.”

Let’s hope this Super Mum inspires more parents to love without limits!