Matrix director Lana Wachowski attacks ‘despicable’ Trump for civil rights roll-back

Matrix director Lana Wachowski has opened up about President Trump, calling him “despicable” for his promotion of hate towards minorities.

Speaking to NBC on Thursday, Wachowski, who came out as trans back in 2012, expressed concerns about the Trump administration.

“It’s despicable. You hope that the majority of America has moved beyond a lot of this kind of hate and disrespect and fear of otherness,” Wachowski said.

Lana Wachowski/ Eddie Redmayne composite

“He just keeps trying to pull us back towards those things.”

Asked what she thought about the first 100 days of Trump. Wachowski referred to his campaign

“It doesn’t feel like it’s the best America, or a version of a great America,” referring back to Trump’s campaign slogan ‘Make America Great Again’, adding: “It sounds like the opposite of greatness.”

Of her own experience as a child and noticing that she might be “different”

“It was lunchtime, and she was tying girls’ hair into pigtails. She noticed me staring, probably as mournfully as our dog stares at us eating buttered toast,” Wachowski says.

“To my surprise, she asked me if I wanted pigtails too,” Wachowski adds.

“For this very small kindness, for an afternoon with pigtails, I will forever be grateful to Miss Colleary. It was one of the last afternoons that I truly felt like I was myself in school.”

Wachowski was one of the new faces of Marc Jacob’s 2016 spring/summer ad campaign.

Lana Wachowski came out as a transgender woman publicly in 2012 after years of rumours about the directors gender identity.

Recently Eddie Redmayne admitted that whilst working with Wachowski on Jupiter Ascending, the director helped him to prepare for his role as transgender artist Lilli Elbe in the critically acclaimed The Danish Girl.

Marc Jacobs was the target of media shaming after he accidentally revealed that he used the dating app Grindr.

However, the designer hit back, saying “Yup. I’m gay. Sometimes I enjoy sex. Sometimes!”