Oregon could soon offer a third gender option on driving licences

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The US state of Oregon could become the first to allow a third gender option on driving licences.

A bill passed in the state legislature this week which would offer drivers the option of ‘X’ instead of the traditional binary ‘M’ or ‘F’ options on licences.

Currently only the M and F options are available.

Sample Oregon driving licence

But that might change if Democratic Governor Kate Brown signs the bill into law.

Basic Rights Oregon, a group defending trans and nonbinary rights celebrated the decision.

The organisation estimates that there are some 20,000 people in Oregon who identify as transgender.

A US Army veteran last year became the first person in the US to legally change their gender to ‘nonbinary’.

The Oregon circuit court last June made a ruling that Jamie Shupe could legally change their gender.

A person from Oregon last year, by all accounts, became the first legally agender person in the US.

Patch, a 27-year-old video game designer, also won the right to become mononymous – that is, to be known by a first name alone, with no surname.

Oregon’s new law could take effect by the summer, if signed by Governor Brown.

As An out bi person, Governor Brown made history as the first out LGB person to win election as governor of a US state.