Stephen Fry kisses his husband in music video celebrating LGBT love

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Stephen Fry and his husband Elliot Spencer make an appearance in a singer’s music video celebrating love.

The esteemed actor, comedian and TV host tied the knot with his partner Elliot Spencer in 2015.

The pair make an appearance in a music video for Tim Arnold’s track What Love Would Want, which celebrated unconditional love.

The video features a number of real-life heterosexual and same-sex couples.

Arnold, a friend of Fry’s, offered him a chance to appear with his husband – which he accepted.

The singer explained: “Stephen Fry was the first person I played the song to after I’d finished writing it.

“I had an idea for the video so I asked Stephen if he and his husband Elliot (Spencer) would take part with other couples in what I saw as a collage of love and diversity.

“They graciously accepted and from that moment the project came to life.”

Fry and his husband announced their marriage in January 2015, shortly after news of the pair’s engagement was first broken by a tabloid.

For some time after, right-wing newspapers would only refer to his ‘husband’ using inverted commas.

Fry recently opened up about how his husband and “best friend” helps him manage his mental health.

He said: “My best friend of all, my husband Elliot, he’s become very expert in detecting when my moods are more than just being annoyed because I’ve locked myself out of the house to a genuine fall in mood.”

The performer was diagnosed with bipolar disorder some years ago, and has been candid about struggling with depressive thoughts and attempting suicide.

He said of attempting suicide in 2012: “It had been very tough and something had been building up inside of me.

“I can recall talking out loud; ‘It’s pointless, it’s pointless’. Everything about my life had come to it’s end.”

The 59-year-old continues: “I find it very very difficult to look at myself. There are times when, having done the amount of TV and stuff I’ve done, there are times when I’m watching television and my ugly mug will pop up and I can see how unhappy I am.”

Stephen Fry

Fry is part of Arnold’s ‘Save Soho’ coalition, which campaigns to stop the closure and redevelopment of central London bars and performance venues.

As part of the campaign, Fry warned that it would “lead to the closure of other such establishments, which will limit young artists’ chances to showcase their talents, ultimately affecting the British music industry”.

He added: “I believe Soho’s enduring attraction as a global destination has always depended on building around and adding to what has gone before, not by demolishing it.”